Luxury Hotel Packing List: What to Bring for a Five-Star Stay

what to bring for a five-star stay

A stay at a luxury hotel is the chance to live a little bit of a high life. Of course, to enjoy and live the high life you should be appropriately dressed and equipped. Therefore, before going you want to make sure you have everything you need to make the most of your stay. Here’s a packing list of items that will come in handy during your time at a luxury hotel. From must-have toiletries to clothes and accessories, this list showcases what to bring for a five-star stay.


Luxury hotels have some amazing and expensive toiletries provided but packing your essential toiletries for any trip is very important. Make sure to take your, lotions, toothbrush, toothpaste, skincare, deodorant, perfume, and anything else you need in your everyday life so you lack nothing while you are relaxing at a 5-star hotel.

Clothes and Accessories

The best part about staying at a luxury hotel is getting to dress up for dinner. Dining in a 5-star hotel restaurant means you must dress to impress. Pack nice outfits and plan where you will wear each one. If you are a woman, wearing dresses rather than trousers or shorts and blouses is a great idea. Wearing dresses makes everyone look chic and elegant. Make sure to pack the appropriate shoes for every location. Moreover, you should read the dress code for the hotel’s bars, cafes, and restaurants so that you can plan your outfits accordingly. For example, flip flops are usually not allowed and if you are a man you should not wear shorts and sleeveless shirts and t-shirts.

A Jacket

Even if you are travelling to a warm destination a jacket can come in handy at any time. You can use it while travelling and then to complete your outfits if needed. A nice jacket can elevate any outfit. Moreover, you can always be prepared in case of sudden cool temperatures.

Packing for any holiday and being prepared in advance. Packing for a stay at a luxury hotel is crucial so that you have everything you need and that your outfit matches the hotel’s aura and ambience.